Jornadas Imagen y Diseño Alpunto4

14/03/2018 Albacete

The conferences are the central core of the alpunto4 days that have an intense program of activities.

On Wednesday 14th March, photographer Julián Barón was in charge of breaking the ice with the first talk of the conference. After him, it was the turn of the graphic design studio Gallén+Ibáñez, to end the morning with the conference of the graphic designer and art director Neus Argudo. On Thursday, 15th March, the session was opened with the illustrator Nuria Riaza, followed by PYO architecture studio. Friday 16th it started with Arquimaña and his reflection on architecture, design and digital craftsmanship, to continue with the conference of the designer and journalist Álvaro Sobrino. Lo Siento Studio closed the 2018 edition.

Jornadas Imagen y Diseño Alpunto4

Design and Illustration UPV

09/03/2018 Valencia

Marisa Gallén gave a lecture at the "Illustrafic Talk" of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Máster en Diseño e Ilustración UPV


03/11/17 Valencia

During the seminars organized by the EASD of Valencia, Marisa Gallén and Amaia Arriaga Azcárate were invited to reflect on the role of women in the world of design and artistic education.

Prize Graphic Product

02/10/17 Valencia

The IVAM 2017 Agenda, designed by Gallén + Ibáñez and produced by La Imprenta CG, has been awarded the 2nd Prize for the Innovative Graphic Product of the ASOAGVAL Awards (Graphic Industry Association of Valencia). 

Those are the awards that the graphic industry guild awards annually based on the quality of design and printing of the projects presented.

Watch the vídeo

2º Premio al Producto Gráfico Innovado

Bombas Gens opening

07/07/17 Valencia

Last Friday, 7th of July, was the opening of Bombas Gens whose graphic identity  was created by Gallén+Ibáñez.
Bombas Gens Centre d’Art main activity consists on exhibit and share with the audience the private collection Per Amor a l’Art. This collection is conformed by 1800 pieces from 140 artists, national and international. Vicente Todolí is the art adviser from its start.
According to Susana Lloret, director of Fundació Per Amor a l’Art Foundation, “ The main purpose of this project is sharing and giving back to the society part of it gave us. This is our commitment for a better Valencia”.


La València d'El Flaco

11/05/17 Valencia

Inauguration of “La Valencia d’El Flaco” exhibition at La Nau. El Flaco, this photographer who has always been seeing where big things happened, presents a selection of images which are graphic witnesses of a important period of this city. Gallén+Ibáñez enjoyed doing the catalog and the graphics.

La València d'El Flaco

EASDA Days '17 Jornadas de Diseño

23/03/16 Alicante

La Nave studio was founded on 1984. This period was a time of hope and change. After a time of dictatorship, we lived years of freedom in which the youth created a great cultural production. We had to modernize the country and so we did it.
In order to share this experience, la Nave partners were invited to participate on the Design Journeys celebrated in Las Cigarreras Cultural Center.

EASDA Days '17 Jornadas de Diseño

Levante TV - València en Directe

14/10/16 Valencia

Once more Gallén+ibáñez was invited to Valencia en Directe - Levante TV set accompanied by our colleagues Pepe Gimeno and Pedro González in order to have a discussion about how the valencian institutions have changed their way of understanding design and its use, after two decades of no-design.
Check complete program by clicking here.

Levante TV - València en Directe

Experimenta magazine


Experimenta Magazine interviewed Marisa Gallén to have a talk about her 30 years of career. You will find out stories about her beginnings, the 80’s period, her fight for transforming the urban environment on a pleasurable and worthy space for the citizen, and how her projects developed during these decades of intense work. Click here.

Experimenta magazine

Posters for tomorrow

10/10/2016 París

El pasado 10 de octubre Marisa Gallén participó como jurado en Posters for Tomorrow. Proyecto de la organización independiente y sin ánimo de lucro 4Tomorrow, fundada por Hervé Matine, que invita cada año a los diseñadores a reflexionar sobre un tema relacionado con un artículo de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos del Hombre. El objetivo es poner el diseño al servicio de las grandes causas. 100 posters fueron los escogidos de los 400 que formaban la shortlist. El tema de este año era Make extremism history.

Posters for tomorrow

Checking the pulse

16-30/06/2016 Valencia

We have been checking  the pulse to Valencian design these days. We took part in Manuel Nadal’s documentary Endogamia, which premiere was last 30th of June at Muvim. The 16th of June we went to Levante TV, Valencia en Directe program, along with Iban Ramón and Xavi Calvo, who also ask us an advice from a designer (not only for designers) in order to include it in his article for CulturPlaza.


checking the pulse


29/06/2016 Valencia

Marisa Gallén invites us to rediscover Valencia through her favourites places in the city.
The architectonical quality of “Paseo Valencia al Mar”, The Central Market, a temple of abundance, at just 5 minutes from her studio, or Café Sant Jaume, an example of how to re-use spaces without losing our historical heritage, are some of her magical spots in the city. 
#valencianoseacabanunca @verlanga_com


Clipping exhibition

04/2016 Valencia

“¿Estudias o Diseñas?” had broad coverage by specialized media such as Experimenta, Disseny CV, El Economista or Graffica. Also other local media echo the exhibition. CulturPlaza, Valencia City, Le Cool, Urban, Levante TV or AU Agenda Urbana.


CV3 innovación

05/06/2016 Valencia

CV3 Innovación, a program from Levante TV, visited “¿Estudias o Diseñas?” exhibition and asked Marisa Gallén about her 30 years of career, the pulse of the design and her relation with the profession. According to Marisa, the design must join together technological innovation, social innovation and aesthetic innovation, in order to produce in big scale and be able to  divulge and massify the aesthetic.  Check the report from minute 14.

CV3 innovación

Barreira. Graphic Design Week 2016

25-29/04/16 Valencia

Barreira’s Graphic Design Week started on 22nd until the 29th of April. An opportunity to know the status of current design from the point of view of national and european graphic creatives. Gallén+Ibañez participated at “Graphic design as visual culture” round table accompanied by Xavi Calvo from Estudio Menta, J.Lacasta from Néctar and Kike Correcher from Filmac. 

El Mundo newspaper summarized our points of view and conclusions in this article.

Barreira. Graphic Design Week 2016

¿estudias o diseñas?

28/04/2016 EASD Valencia

An upgrade of the country was an urgency in the decade of 80’s in Spain. The Regional administrations detected the problem and boosted the spanish graphic design boom, which incited the expression: Do you study or do you design?
This expression is the title for the exhibition organized by EASD, a tour through the 30 years of career of Marisa Gallén, from her first steps at La Nave until these days. Some of the most representative designs of her career, graphic design projects, packaging, product and editorial design made along these 30 years are shown at the exhibition.

EASD Centre Velluters
Calle Pintor Domingo, 20
46001 – Valencia

¿estudias o diseñas?

La Valencia guiada / VDW

03/02/2016 Valencia

Marisa Gallén participated in “La Valencia guiada” the round table event organized by Conecta 2016 during Valencia Disseny Week. The theme was the generation of a new image of the city of Valencia from the launch of different city guides during this past years. Vicent Molins and Ramón Marrades (Nueva Guía de Valencia), Rafa Marí (Valencia a todas horas), David Estal (Guía Perceptiva del Cabanyal) Elvira Gracia and Carles Gámez (Guía CDICV) also participated in the event.

La Valencia guiada / VDW_

The Beautiful 15 / VDW

02-06/02/2016 Valencia

Mouet, the eyewear glasses brand asked 15 design studios to make an intervention in one of the frames of their collection. Each studio selected one frame. Gallén+Ibáñez participated with Borja García, Carla Fuentes, Héctor Serrano, Boke Bazán, Modesto Granados, Estudio Menta, Dídac Ballester, Héctor & Jennifer Merienda, Pepe Gimeno, MacDiego, Emma Laurin, Odosdesign and Tom Pandé. The result was shown at Pepita Lumiere art gallery. 

The Beautiful 15 / VDW

Pinazo's Year

28/01/2016 Valencia

Last October the Valencian Parliament declared 2016, by unanimity of all the politic parties, as year of the painter Ignacio Pinazo Camalench.
The 29th of January, this Parliament ratified the agreement and also apointed Pinazo as Valencian Culture Ambassador.
The President and the Vice Presidents of the Parliament with the rest of politic parties celebrated the inauguration of this Pinazo´s Year in an act where was given as a present the memorial document that Gallén+Ibáñez designed.

Año Pinazo_

B+ Talks

25/11/2015 Valencia

Marisa Gallén participated in Charlas B+, lectures organized by Barreira school of design, thinking over different projects of the studio Gallén+Ibáñez.

Charlas B+


14/11/2015 Valencia

Gastro+Design is an exhibition that took place during the fair Gastrónoma 2015. This exhibition showed professional projects where the combination between gastronomy and design was a success.
Gallén+Ibáñez participated with two packaging projects: Extrem Puro Extremadura and Olea The Good Stuff.


Designing the future

21/10/2015 Castellón

The Industrial design and product development Degree from Jaume I University held the lectures “ Designing the future”, at Llotja de Cànem, in which several professional designers such as Marisa Gallén, and ex-students from the university talked about the challenges of the degree.

Diseñar el futuro

Climate Change

02/11/2015 Valencia

The symposium “The Mediterranean area and the climate change” organized by Generalitat Valenciana, will be held next 6th and 7th of November at Palau de la Música of Valencia.
This symposium will contribute to the Climate Summit of Paris (COP 21) with a social debate made from the specificity and vulnerability that the mediterranean regions have.
We draw on the infinite blue sky illuminated by the blinding sun and a closed umbrella as symbol of the rainfall lack, in order to communicate graphically the concept of climate change in the mediterranean area.

Cambio Climático

9 d'octubre

30/09/2015 Valencia

On September the 30th, the President Ximo Puig presented at the Palau de la Generalitat, the poster for the commemoration of the 9th October , Day of the Comunitat Valenciana. The poster and its correspondent applications , were designed by the study Gallén + Ibanez. Marisa Gallén and Carmina Ibañez signed the hundred limited edition copies and # 1/100 was delivered to King Philip VI.

9 d'octubre

Nomination for ADCV Awards

23/09/2015 Valencia

Eight projects of studio Gallén + Ibanez were selected  for ADCV Awards 2015,  which will be held on November the 11th in Las Naves auditorium.
These eight projects will be part of the book that the Designers from Comunidad Valenciana Association is preparing. This book gathers the best of Valencian design of the past
four years.


02 Cuadrilátero Forum

07/07/2015 Valencia

Marisa Gallén participated in the debate on the public image of the city of Valencia with the architect and urbanism expert David Estal; Miguel Sánchez Delgado (Dean of Interior Designers College of Valencia, CDICV) and Vicente Vañó, Executive Director of the Association of Advertising and Communication Companies of Valencia (AECPcv).
She focused her intervention on the collective right of citizens to enjoy a friendly urban landscape.

02 Cuadrilátero Forum

Ensems 2015

13/05/2015 Valencia

In this 37th edition, the Festival takes another direction, there isn´t a leitmotiv as in previous years, but it is the contemporary music itself the topic.


Ensems 2015

Ciudad y Reino

02/05/2015 Valencia

Launch of the book Ciudad y Reino at Casa Vestuario in Valencia. A work coordinated by Professor Rafael Narbona Vizcaíno, in which 27 historians give 80 clues to the reader about the historic period between 1375-1516 in the city of Valencia.

Ciudad y Reino


05/2015 Alemania

Novum, the international issue, World of Graphic Design, dedicates an article to Gallén+Ibáñez trajectory, highlighting the diversitity of our projects, in its number 05/15.


ADCV 30 years Exhibition

28/05/2015 Valencia

Three sceneries for each of the three decades of  ADCV existence. This exhibition tries to reflect the spirit that configured the personality of one of each decades, creating sceneries with the work of its members.The staging was planned to be enjoyed without the common restrictions of every exhibition.Here you are able to open a drawer, take a look on a book or sitting on a sofa. That is the way the visitant can analyze how the designer plans a project,Curator, image and exhibition design: Gallén+Ibáñez

Exposición ADCV 30 años

Extrem Puro Extremadura Lecture

26/03/2015 Valencia

Marisa Gallén gave a lecture at the Sixth Edition of Design and Sustainability Packaging  Awards. She presented the project Extrem Puro Extremadura, led by Gallén + Ibáñez. A study case of brand packaging for Iberian products of the highest quality.

Conferencia Extrem Puro Extremadura

Edetanos Ilustrados

26/02/15 Valencia

16 valencian designers, including Gallén+Ibáñez, performed the covers of a non-existent magazine. Graphic designer, MacDiego, was looking for copies of Edetanos Ilustrados through his social network during several weeks. This magazine stirred Valencia in the middle of the seventies. Same as Interview Magazine triumphed in New York or NME in London, here in Valencia appeared this magazine which had a great cultural impact and political influence.Of course, this publication only existed in MacDiegos mind… and on February the 26th he could finally see his dream become true.

Edetanos Ilustrados

PechaKucha Valencia Vol. 18

12/02/15 Valencia

Gallén+Ibáñez participated in the PechaKucha Night Valencia, organized by La Mamba and DissenyCV.
This 18th edition took place in Plaza Correo Viejo and was part of CONECTA 2015, design workshops included in Valencia Disseny Week.


PechaKucha Valencia Vol. 18

Félix Beltrán Tribute

03/12/14 Valencia

Gallén+Ibáñez participates in the tribute exhibition to Félix Beltrán
(La Habana, 1938). In this exhibition, commissioned by Manuel García, 20 national and international designers have participated.

Homenaje a Félix Beltrán

La Lluna Festival 2014

21/11/2014 Valencia

Our project Extrem Puro Extremadura has been awarded
with a Gold in the Advertising and creative comunication Festival,
La Lluna.

Festival La Lluna 2014

DesignFest 2014 Lecture

18/10/2014 Guadalajara - Mexico

Marisa Gallén lectured in Designfest, multidisciplinary design event that takes place annually in the city of Guadalajara (Mexico).

Conferencia DesignFest 2014

Workshop_ Alquimia Agency

17/10/14 Guadalajara - Mexico

DesignFest, the most popular design event in Mexico, organized a series of lectures and workshops. The workshop "A cry of rebellion (posters for dissent, indomitable graphic design)" given by Marisa Gallén was hired by the communication agency Alquimia.

Taller_Agencia Alquimia

Apertura_Artemadrid 2014

11-13/09/2014 Madrid

Another year, contemporary art galleries, associated ArteMadrid, celebrated the start of the season opening party.

Open days, guided tours, parties and multiple exhibitions over a weekend with a lot of art.
Gallén + Ibanez coordinated, as every year, the visual image of the event.

Apertura_Artemadrid 2014

Congreso de Filosofía

03-05/09/2014 Valencia

The challenge of Philosophy in 21st Century  was the title of the 1st International Congress of the Spanish Network of Philosophy, held in Valencia, between the 3rd and 5th of September. Gallén + Ibanez coordinated the visual image of the Congress.

Congreso de Filosofía

Laus 2014


Extrem Puro Extremadura has received a Laus Bronze Award in the Packaging category.


Laus 2014

Disseny CV_ interview


The digital magazine Disseny CV has posted an interview about the studio.

Disseny CV_ entrevista



The Extrem Puro Extremadura project has been published in the design magazine Experimenta.


Ensems_ 2014

14-17/05/2014 Valencia
Coordinated image for the 2014 Ensems Contemporary Music Festival, organised by the Valencian Institute of Music (IVM).
Many audio players come with some type of visual system that dances to the beat of the music.
We consider that the changing figures found in different players are a form of entertainment, as, for example, in Winamp, Windows Media Player and other programs which create a visual dance that follows the music. The purpose of this representation is purely aesthetical, but, strictly speaking, the information “is there”.
Ensems_ 2014

Quadern_ Interview

21/12/2012 Valencia

Marisa Gallén was interviewed in his design studio in Valencia, El País Quadern.


entrevista quaderns

Workshop École Intuit.Lab

17-21/02/14 Aix-en-Provence
École Intuit.Lab, the design college located in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Bombay, organizes every year  workshops leaded by reputed international teachers, about diverse topics linked with the universe of creation.
Giselle Monzón (La Habana), Ginette Caron (Milán) and Marisa Gallén (Valencia) were the invited teachers for this edition.
Marisa Gallén´s workshop topic was " The right to work, fair and equitable employment for all". All the students  will participate with their projects on the international competition Poster for Tomorrow 2014.
Aix en Provence

Yo lo compro

11/02/2014 Valencia

"Yo lo compro" an exhibition organized by ADCV on occasion of Valencia Disseny Week - VDW-  was inaugurated on 11th February, where some consumer products designed by valencian designers were showed.

Our studio participated on this exhibition with the range of products of Olea the Good Stuff and Extrem Puro Extremadura, and in the previous conferences, where Carmina Ibáñez and Nacho Lavernia exchanged their reflexions at the chat "Designers Kitchen or what the College doesn't teach you".

Yo lo compro

Jury Posters for Tomorrow 2013

04/10/2013 París

Marisa Gallén participates as jury Poster for Tomorrow 2013. Project of the independent and nonprofit 4tomorrow founded by Hervé Matine organization.


Jurado Posters for Tomorrow 2013

Inauguration of Extrem

23/09/2013 Montánchez

The meat curing facility of Extrem Puro Extremadura, located in Montánchez (Cáceres), was inaugurated on 23 September. This event also had the goal of introducing Extrem Puro Extremadura, a very exclusive family-run company created to produce, distribute and promote Iberian cured meats of the highest quality.
The studio Gallén+Ibáñez was responsible for the company’s visual identity. For this project we collaborated with AGR, an agency specialising in food products, and with outstanding professionals such as Andreu Balius, Carmen Baselga, and Lavernia&Cienfuegos.

Inauguración del secadero Extrem

Apertura 2013

19 - 22/09/2013 Madrid

We designed the communication for the festival of Madrid’s art galleries.
Every September the galleries that are part of the Arte_Madrid association celebrate the beginning of the art season with joint exhibition openings and an extensive programme of activities, meetings and parties. APERTURA is a yearly event that brings together collectors, experts and curators from all over the world. More info at:

Apertura 2013

Cultural Week ETSA UPV

23/03/2013 Valencia

Marisa Gallén gives a lecture on the relationship between graphic design and architecture at the School of Architecture in Valencia.

Semana Cultural ETSA UPV

From Valencia with Design

07 - 25/03/2013 Valencia

Several works by Marisa Gallén are included in this exhibition curated by Carlos Tíscar. The project showcases graphics and products developed for foreign companies by Valencian designers and design studios which are members of ADCV.
First headquarters:
Las Naves, Espacio de Creación Contemporánea (Valencia, Spain).
Organised by the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV) and Las Naves, Espacio de Creación Contemporánea.

From Valencia with Design

Chakana 2010_ Bienal de Ecuador

09 - 12/06/2010 Chakana

Lecture and workshop at Chakana 2010, 1st National Graphics and Visual Communication Biennia

Design Walk 2012

21/05/2012 Valencia

The studio has been selected to participate in Valencia’s Design Walk.


ExHIBITION "Este diseño me suena"

18/09 - 13/10/2012 Valencia

Projects carried out at the studio pertaining to music are part of the exhibition “This Design Rings a Bell”. The exhibition provides a poignant insight into the evolution of graphic design and how it has represented music in the Valencian Community, in keeping with the trends of every time period, the evolution of the arts and the major design movements. The exhibition showcases works that focus on the concept of design, as well as works that provide pertinent interpretations and others in which both music and design are purely experimental. In every case, “they are small surfaces containing emotions” in the words of Josep Gil, the exhibition curator.


Workshop_ Meaudre

13 - 16/11/2012 Meaudre

The Mois du Graphisme d’Echirolles included workshops in Meaudre. Several workshops were organised for students of art and graphic design schools from French-speaking countries. This workshop addressed the use of elements from nature as the raw materials for design projects.
Participants: Marisa Gallén (Spain), René Knip (Netherlands), Rico Lins (Brazil) and Idania del Río (Cuba).

Workshop_ Meaudre

Tendencies Award VLC

13/05/2010 Valencia

Marisa Gallén receives the Best Designer of the Year Award.

Premio Tendencias VLC

Lecture MUDI

08/05/2013 Valencia

Marisa Gallén gives a lecture at the School of Design Engineering (ETSID). Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Conferencia MUDI

Vivan los toros

04/11/10 - 23/01/2011 Valencia

The studio participates in the exhibition “Vivan los toros. Carteles para la reflexión” with a poster that does not intend to criticise bullfights, but cruelty to animals in general.

Vivan los toros

ESAG Penninguen_ Diplomas 2011

20/06/2011 París

Marisa Gallén was a member of the international jury for the degree candidates in art direction and graphic design at the prestigious Parisian school ESAG Penninghen (École Supérieure de Design d’Art Graphique et d’Architecture Intérieure).

ESAG Penninguen_ Diplomas 2011

ADCV Award 2011

09/2011 Valencia

Marisa Gallén and Carmina Ibáñez received the Best Editorial Work Award for the Graphispag 2011 poster, at the ADCV Award Ceremony, during Valencia Design Week (VDW).

Premios ADCV 2011

Workshop EASD

05 - 12/07/2012 Valencia

Marisa Gallén and Carmina Ibáñez give a workshop at the School of Art and Design of Valencia.

Workshop EASD

ADCV_ Tribute to La Nave

20/12/2008 Valencia

The ADCV paid tribute to La Nave at the studio of the Culdesac collective.



Suma y Sigue_ Muvim

24/09 - 29/11/2009 Valencia

The exhibition shows how, over the past 30 years, a network of agents, institutions, companies and schools has been established to create a ripe, consolidated sector with good future prospects. The development and consolidation of Valencian design is greatly indebted to the efforts of the IMPIVA, the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV), and to the recognition achieved by Valencian designers who, since the collective La Nave was created in the 1980s, started to build a network that has consolidated what can be regarded as the history of Valencian design, a history that keeps moving forward after 25 years, seeking new heights.

Suma y Sigue


02/2013 Barcelona

Marisa Gallén is on the jury for the graphic design section of the 2013 Laus Awards.



Jurado LAUS

Exhibition_ Nord-Sud

17/11/12 - 31/01/2013 Les Moulins de Villancourt

The exhibition “North-South”, curated by Michel Bouvet, is one of the events scheduled during the Mois du Graphisme d’Echirolles. It is a visual journey spanning two continents that shows relationships between the work of European and Latin American graphic designers.
Participants: Marisa Gallén (Spain), René Knip (Netherlands), Radovan Jenko (Slovenia), Rico Lins (Brazil), Idania del Río (Cuba) and Alejandro Magallanes (Mexico).


Exposición_ Nord-Sud

Jornadas de Hostelería

21/01/2011 Castellón

Marisa Gallén participates in the round table “Design and the Hotel and Restaurant Industry”.


Jornadas de Hostelería


12/12/2008 Valencia

Special Jury Award from the magazine Economía 3 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of La Nave.


Voces en libertad

22/11/2010 México

Exhibition “Voices in Freedom”, 11th International Poster Biennial in Mexico. The studio was selected to participate in the exhibition.
International current events remind us of the web’s potential as a tool to escape censorship. Revolutionary leaflets have been replaced by anti-establishment blogs. Therefore, the Internet has become firmly established as a battleground, as the arena of the modern struggles for democracy and freedom. It is the 21st century symbol of freedom.

In collaboration with Parisian designer Melanie Pennec.



05/07/2012 Barcelona

Marisa Gallén and Carmina Ibáñez receive a bronze at the 42nd Graphic Design and Audiovisual Communication Laus Awards for the poster “Pantone/Pixel”, for Graphispag.


Premios LAUS 2012

FEED 2011

09/2011 Valencia

The International Meeting of Design Media and Bloggers (FEED) visits the studio.

Lecture "Diseño para el ámbito cultural"

30/10/2012 Teruel

Marisa Gallén and Carmina Ibáñez give a lecture at the School of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Zaragoza. Seminar “On art II. Entorno al arte II”



Apertura 2012

20 - 23/09/2012 Madrid

The studio Gallén+Ibáñez is responsible for the communication of Apertura.
Every September the galleries that are part of the Arte_Madrid association celebrate the beginning of the art season with joint exhibition openings and an extensive programme of activities, meetings and parties. APERTURA is a yearly event that brings together collectors, experts and curators from all over the world. More info at:

Medal of Fine Arts

10/12/2008 Valencia

La Nave received the Medal of Fine Arts.


Medalla de Bellas Artes

Exhibiton Todo es diseño

24/06/2010 Madrid

“Everything is Design,” an exhibition which opened in Madrid’s Círculo de Bellas Artes as part of Madrid’s Icograda Design Week, is now a travelling exhibition.
The gathering of forty Spanish graphic designers and eighteen designers from other European countries is a celebration of the power of graphic design in recognising national identities and the identity of cultural and industrial production.



25 Anniversary of ADCV

01/10/2010 Valencia

Marisa Gallén participates in a round table event with all the past presidents of ADCV.

25 Aniversario de la ADCV

Masters_The FAD Chain

03/11/2008 Barcelona

Last 3 November, the FAD paid tribute [“Masters. The FAD Chain”] to the members of La Nave. The La Nave collective (1984-1991) is a point of reference for understanding the evolution of design in Valencia from the 1970s to the present.
La Nave brought together past experiences, and its influence reaches into the present, both in terms of the legacy of its work and the subsequent careers of its members.



Mestres. La cadena del FAD